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Report on the New Orleans Independent Levee Authority Today
Gulf Coast Disaster
alobar wrote in bpoil
        If I believed in Christian Judgement Day and Miscreants being sent to hell, forever. I might rest easier knowing these fucktards would be eternally punished.

       But I don't.  So we must do it for ourselves and for our planet.

       Woopie! I was on google just now, I was asked to be the very first person to review the La Bucket Brigade. Here is what I posted:
You people are a bunch of DANGEROUS fucktards who SOLD OUT to the EPA and other corporations who are destroying the gulf.

Seriously, you people need to dis-band, then go commit suicide before you do more damage


My Report on the New Orleans Independent Levee Authority Today

Mike Howells, Robert Sullivan and I along with numerous GRN, La Bucket Brigade members and the public, attended a hearing today on the law suit filed against the oil, gas and pipeline industries by the Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East. First the bad news: during their executive session, which I verbally opposed, and after the public had left, the authority agreed to a 45 day "amnesty" period to try to work out some sort of compromise with the state officials, including Garret Graves, head of La. Coastal Protection Authority, who attended the executive session and opposes the law suit, along with Jindal. From WWL: 'In the end, the board decided to offer the Jindal administration an olive branch, saying it would consider pausing the "substantive" parts of the lawsuit for 45 days to work with Graves on finding other ways to hold oil companies accountable for coastal damage.

"The suit, as a suit, means nothing to me," said Commissioner Richard Leuttich Jr. "The suit is a means to accomplish the objective which is protection of the coast." '

It is difficult to imagine what sort of "compromise" could be worked out that wouldn't have to involve millions or even billions of dollars of damage that the oil companies have done to the coast of Louisiana.

During our time to speak, I brought up the fact that the damage continues from the BP disaster, the Corexit, citing LSU professor Dr. Linda Bui's report that the marshes are dying and at least two oil compounds are increasing, many of us believe, because of the use of Corexit. I brought up the thousands of people who had become ill due to the exploits of the oil and gas industry in this state, and I was the only one to bring up the effects on the health of the people. I suggested that in the future, the authority might be willing to consider a resolution opposing the use of Corexit. Mike Howells suggested a jobs program if the suit is won that would hire people from the devastated areas of the coast and provide them with health benefits. The authority responded by speaking at length as to the jobs that would be created with this law suit if won, countering the claims by the oil, gas and pipeline industry that jobs would be lost if this suit were to proceed. I believe due to the action during the executive session, much more pressure from the public will be needed to make this historic law suit a reality.

Linda Hopper Bui's study of the dying, oiled marshes:

List of companies that may be sued by the authority:



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