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Bucket Brigade  ---- Another Fake Environmental Group Exposed!
alobar wrote in bpoil
        Below from Elizabeth on C3 list.  Bold emphasis below added by me.

       Sure looks to me like the EPA now OWNS the Bucket Brigade.

       I really love the ethics of folks on the C3 list!


When the Ban Corexit Committee was refused a "seat at the table", so to speak, at their Earth Day Festival, which they hold every year to raise funds for their organization, I decided to look more closely into their funding. Our group requested that we be allowed to put up a table to pass out our literature on Corexit. I think they wanted to charge us $50. We all agreed we would pay $20, if we had to, but Anne Rolfes, head of La. Bucket Brigade, would only go down to $30. We refused. It's not a lot of money, but it is the principle of the thing, and the commodification of Earth Day. In addition, all businesses were invited to participate, whether green or not, and some green businesses, well, weren't so green. I think the environmentalists absent corporate funding should have their own earth day event that disrupts the flow of corporate funding to nonprofits in some way. In addition, if you noticed from that list, La. Bucket Brigade receives funding from the EPA to monitor industries. That to me is the EPA's job, and it is the EPA that should be monitored. You won't hear criticism of the EPA from the La. Bucket Brigade. This is one of the reasons, in my opinion, that nothing is changing, and in fact, the environmental crisis in this state, country and the world grows worse day by day. The EPA is smart in that it doles out grants to organizations to work on "environmental justice", when in fact, the EPA is one of the greatest obstacles to environmental justice that exists. That is how these groups are co-opted to not criticize the EPA or for that matter, the Obama administration, as the democrats are somehow seen as "better" on the environment, which couldn't be further from the the truth.-- elizabeth


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