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The Struggle Continues
Death Warning
alobar wrote in bpoil
        More on La Bucket Brigade from C3 list.


I made two appointments with Anne Rolfes, head of La. bucket brigade, and was stood up twice. I was going to ask her to join us in the campaign against Corexit. I'm done asking. It's time for evaluating, and working with folks of like mind, and growing the movement as best we can.


There is really no option to growing the movement as best we can. So many people, even in New Orleans, believe that all is well and corexit is dish soap and all illnesses are psychosomatic or devious ploys to extract money. I talk with my adult students and am astonished at how they parrot the nightly news. At least, I guess it’s the nightly news they parrot because I don’t watch the nightly news anymore.

So I will go to Anne Rolufs and TELL HER what we are doing. It will not be an invitation. And the same goes for all the others. The issue has independent importance. No matter who believes us at the moment.


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