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Don't Let BP Quit Before their Job is Done!
alobar wrote in bpoil
        Left Wing vs. Right Wing is a strange concept to me. There are good people and good organizations on all parts of the political spectrum.


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Don’t let BP quit before their job is done! Tell them to finish cleaning up their oil spill >>

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Tell BP to finish the job and clean up their mess!

“The response is not over -- not by a long shot.”

Alobar, that’s a direct quote from U.S. Coast Guard Captain Thomas Sparks, in response to BP’s shockingly flippant statement implying that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico is over.

We know better than that.

Just a few weeks ago, hundreds of pounds of tar balls washed ashore in Mississippi. Fishermen say the impacts of the spill are still affecting their businesses. And hundreds of dolphins, birds, and sea turtles are still dying. Does that sound like the cleanup is over? We don’t think so either.

BP’s PR spin machine is working overtime to convince the public that they’re the good guys in all of this. That’s absolutely outrageous -- especially considering the fact that they spilled a mix of domestic crude and tar sands oil not even a month ago into Lake Michigan, the source of drinking water for more than seven million people.

So this Earth Day, as people across the country come together to celebrate our beautiful planet, we’re taking action to protect her in one of the best ways possible -- by holding BP to their promise to make things right. Will you join in?

Hold BP to their promise to restore the Gulf! Tell them their oil cleanup isn’t over yet >>

The Coast Guard has made it clear that they don’t intend to let BP walk away from this mess, but they need our support to take on this immensely powerful oil conglomerate, especially after BP was allowed to bid to drill in the Gulf again.

No matter what BP says, the oil is not gone and the cleanup is not over. They promised to “make things right” in 2010, but this week marks four years since the devastating oil spill, and it is still impacting wildlife and the communities that depend on the Gulf for their livelihoods.

In Alaska, 25 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, wildlife populations and the local environment are still struggling to recover from the suffocating oil that coated its shorelines. And yet BP is trying to convince the public that it has finished its job in the Gulf after just a fraction of that time.

We can’t let BP win this public relations war. This company spilled 200 million gallons of oil into our water, making it the worst maritime oil disaster in history. And from their recent spill in Michigan, we can tell they haven’t learned their lesson.

We have to keep the devastating impacts of their spill in the spotlight. If we don’t, it will send the message to irresponsible oil companies everywhere that they can pollute our water and just walk away once public attention has moved on. BP will slink away from their disaster and the onus will be on the public and local populations to pay for the cleanup.

Don’t let that happen, Alobar. Add your voice to our call now.

Tell BP they’re not done yet -- finish cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico >>

We know there’s a lot to be working on this Earth Day -- from stopping the dirty Keystone XL pipeline to supporting EPA safeguards against carbon pollution. But this is another great way to join in the Earth Day spirit of activism.

Forcing BP to finish cleaning up their mess won’t end Big Oil’s assault on our environment, but if we speak out now, we can make sure the Coast Guard has the support they need to hold BP accountable. So thanks fortaking action today.

Vanessa Kritzer 
Director of Digital Strategy 
League of Conservation Voters


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